Providing FREE Linux shells.

About aShellz

aShellz was created in 2015 by aLLamoox as a free Linux shell provider. in 2016 aShellz was registered as an organisation with Freenode. Over aShellz' lifetime, we've seen an increase in students who've searched for shells for educational purposes and wanted to learn basic Linux commands, and as of Monday, 13 June 2016 we have partnered with the 2Pro International Group to improve our services for our users.

Want to see what we provide?

Web Hosting

We provide cPanel as an optional extra to your shell.

Linux shells

A Linux shell to suit your every need


We Provide ZNC, for use with IRC

The Rules

There are only a few rules to follow, and here they are.

  • Respect other users
  • Don't abuse the shell
  • No illegal stuff
  • No blasphemous content

  • If you can follow these rules, you can do anything you like on aShellz

    Like what you see?

    It's pretty easy and simple to have a shell account with ashellz, Just fill this Form , and take your time reading about our rules till we email you your username and password, You can join our channel in #ashellz